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    WW1 Aircraft Ranked-by-Speed

    World War 1 saw the birth of the fighter and bomber airplane - with each new passing month, a newer design of greater capability was unleashed.

    As with any war, World War 1 pushed the limited of the technology of the period, providing the canvas for new engines with corresponding airframes developed to certain military specifications. Many designs proved pioneering in their nature and solidified both the fighter and the bomber as capable tools of war to be used in conjunction with land and naval forces. Many-an-ace were made thanks to the impressive mounts fielded in a war where it proved just as important to outmatch your opponent through sheer power than skill alone. The list below showcases WW1 aircraft by their reported maximum speed values. Bear in mind that the listed speeds below pertain to a specific production variant rather than to an entire family of aircraft. Additionally, some developmental aircraft appearing during the war are featured in this list despite them having not seen formal service nor combat.

    There are a total of 191 WW1 Aircraft Ranked-by-Speed in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below by maximum reported speed (descending) by specific production model. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

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