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    World War 1 set the stage for much of what made up World War 2 and featured the arrival of military air power, the machine gun and the combat tank.

    The industrialized world went to war in 1914 after tensions spilt over from the assassination of then little-known Archduke Ferdinand. Allegiances forced parties to declare war on one another and, within time, the world was embroiled in what would come to be known as "The Great War" or the "War to End All Wars" (later to become chronologically recognized as "World War 1"). As powers geared up for the battlefield, the once-euphoric public were shocked that the "gentlemen's wars" of old had given way to dastardly implements such as chemical warfare, machine guns, fighter aircraft and armored vehicles of trench warfare - war was a bloody an affair as ever before. The conflict was primarily centered in Europe and fought between the Central Powers and the Triple Entente. The Central Powers were made up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey) and the Kingdom of Bulgaria. The Triple Entente was forged of an alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia and later on went to include allies such as the United States and Italy by war's end.

    By the conclusion of the years-long conflict (many suggested at the outset that this would be a short-lived war to be over by Christmas of 1914), millions lay dead or maimed for life and the empires of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey were no more. The Russian Empire itself ceased to exist amidst internal political issues, bowing out of the war in 1917 to become the Soviet Union in 1922. The Allied victory was eventually ensured by the contributions and sacrifices of many. With the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires dissolved, Germany was handed much of the blame for the war - laying down the foundation of what would become World War 2.

      German Empire

      AEG C.IV
      AEG G.IV
      AGO C.II
      Albatros B.II
      Albatros C.I
      Albatros C.III
      Albatros C.V
      Albatros C.X
      Albatros D.I
      Albatros D.II
      Albatros D.III
      Albatros D.V
      Albatros D.Va
      Albatros J.I
      Aviatik B.I
      Aviatik C.I
      Aviatik D.VI
      Aviatik D.VII
      DFW C.V
      DFW T.28 (Floh)
      Fokker C.I
      Fokker D.VII
      Fokker D.VIII (E.V)
      Fokker Dr.I Triplane
      Fokker E (Eindecker)
      Fokker V.4 Triplane
      Fokker V.5 Triplane
      Fokker V.6 Triplane
      Fokker V.8 (Quintuplane)
      Friedrichshafen G.III
      Gotha G.IV
      Gotha G.V
      Halberstadt CL.II
      Halberstadt CL.IV
      Halberstadt D.I
      Halberstadt D.II / D.III
      Halberstadt D.IV
      Halberstadt D.V
      Hansa-Brandenburg B.I
      Hansa-Brandenburg W.12
      Junkers CL.I Monoplane
      Junkers J1 Monoplane
      Junkers J2 Monoplane
      LFG Roland C.II (Whale)
      LFG Roland D.II (Shark)
      LFG Roland D.VI
      LTG FD.1 Floatplane
      LVG B (series)
      LVG C.II
      LVG C.V
      LVG C.VI
      LVG D.III
      Pfalz A.1 Monoplane
      Pfalz D.III
      Pfalz D.XII
      Pfalz D.XV
      Pfalz Dr.I Triplane
      Pfalz E.I Monoplane
      Rumpler 6B Floatplane
      Rumpler B.I
      Rumpler C.I
      Rumpler C.III
      Rumpler C.IV
      Rumpler C.VII
      Rumpler C.VIII
      Rumpler D.I
      Rumpler G (series)
      Rumpler Taube (Etrich Taube)
      Schutte-Lanz D.I
      Schutte-Lanz D.III
      Schutte-Lanz Dr.I Triplane
      Schwade Kampfeinsitzer Nr.1
      Siemens-Schukert D.I
      Siemens-Schukert D.III
      Siemens-Schukert D.IV
      Siemens-Schukert R.VIII
      Zeppelin L.10 Airship
      Zeppelin L.32 Airship
      Zeppelin L.52 Airship
      Zeppelin Z.12 Airship
      Zeppelin-Staaken R (Series)

      Armor & Vehicles
      Bussing A5P Car
      Daimler Model 1915 Car
      Ehrhardt E-V/4 Car
      K Grosskampfwagen
      Leichter Kampfwagen I
      Leichter Kampfwagen II
      Sturmpanzerwagen A7V
      Sturmpanzerwagen Obers.

      Small Arms
      Bergmann MP18 SMG
      Luger P08 Pistol
      Gast-Maschinengewehr Modell 1917
      Mauser C96 Pistol
      Mauser Model 1871 Rifle
      Mauser Model 1888 Rifle
      Mauser Model 1898 Rifle
      Mauser M1918 (T-Gewehr)
      Maxim MG08 Machine Gun
      Model 1917 Grenade (Egg)
      Model 24 Grenade (Stick)

      7.58cm Minenwerfer Mortar
      7.7cm Feldkanone 16 Field Gun
      7.7cm Feldkanone 96 Field Gun
      10.5cm leFH 16 Howitzer
      15cm Kanone 16 Field Gun
      15cm sFH 13 Howitzer
      17cm Minenwerfer Mortar
      21cm Morser 16 Howitzer
      25cm Minenwerfer Mortar
      Big Bertha Siege Gun
      Paris Gun Railway Gun

      Warships & Submarines
      Baden Dreadnought
      Derfflinger Battlecruiser
      Emden (1909) Light Cruiser
      Emden (1916 Light Cruiser)
      Goeben Battlecruiser
      Konigsberg (1905) Light Cruiser
      Konigsberg (1915) Light Cruiser
      Leipzig light Cruiser
      Mainz Light Cruiser
      Moltke Light Cruiser
      Mowe Commerce Raider
      Schleswig-Holstein Predread.
      Seeadler Commerce Raider
      U-9 Submarine
      U-19 Submarine
      U-21 Submarine
      U-106 Submarine

      AirCo DH.2
      AirCo DH.4
      AirCo DH.5
      AirCo DH.9
      AirCo DH.10 (Amiens)
      Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
      Armstrong Whitworth FK.9
      Armstrong Whitworth FK.10
      Austin Osprey Triplane
      Avro 504
      Avro 523 (Pike)
      Avro 529
      Avro 531 (Spider)
      Beardmore WB.III/SB.3
      Blackburn RT.1 Kangaroo
      Bolton Paul Bobolink
      Bristol F.2
      Bristol M.1 Monoplane
      Bristol Scout
      C.23 Coastal-class Airship
      Fairey Campania
      Fairey III
      Felixstowe F.2
      Felixstowe F.5
      Martinsyde F.4
      Martinsyde G (series)
      N.S.7 North Sea-class Blimp
      Royal Aircraft Factory BE.2
      Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2
      Royal Aircraft Factory FE.8
      Royal Aircraft Factory RE.8
      Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5
      Short Type 184 Floatplane
      Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter
      Sopwith Baby
      Sopwith Camel
      Sopwith Dolphin
      Sopwith Dragon
      Sopwith Pup
      Sopwith Rhino Triplane
      Sopwith Snipe
      Sopwith Tabloid
      Sopwith Triplane
      SSZ.65 SSZ-class Blimp
      Vickers Gunbus
      Vickers Vimy

      Armor & Vehicles
      Austin Armored Car
      Gun Carrier Mk 1 SPA
      Lanchester Armored Car
      Little Willie Landship
      Medium Mark C Tank
      Medium Tank Whippet
      Rolls-Royce Armored Car
      Mk I Medium Tank (Big Willie)
      Mk II Medium Tank
      Mk IV Heavy Tank
      Mk V Heavy Tank
      Mk VIII (International)
      Mk IX Personnel Carrier

      Small Arms
      Bangalore Torpedo
      Grenade No.6
      Grenade No.7
      Grenade No.15 (Ball)
      Grenade No.16 (Oval)
      Grenade No.34 (Egg)
      Lee-Metford Rifle
      Lee-Enfield Rifle
      Martini-Henry Rifle
      Mills Bomb
      Stokes 3" Mortar
      Vickers Machine Gun
      Webley & Scott M1905 pistol
      Webley Bull Dog Revolver
      Webley M1887 Revolver

      6" 26 cwt Howtizer
      Flying Pig Trench Mortar
      Ordnance BL 4.7" Field Gun
      Ordnance BL 9.2" Railway Gun
      Ordnance BL 12" Railway Gun
      Ordnance BL 12" Howitzer
      Ordnance BL 12" Mk IX Gun
      Ordnance BL 18-Pounder
      Ordnance BL 60-Pounder

      Ships & Submarines
      D-class Submarine
      D-class Submarine
      E-class Submarine
      HMS Agamemnon Predread.
      HMS Agincourt Dreadnought
      HMS Argus Aircraft Carrier
      HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier
      HMS Audacious Battleship
      HMS Barnham Battleship
      HMS Bellerophon Battleship
      HMS Benbow Battleship
      HMS Ben-my-Chree Carrier
      HMS Campania Carrier
      HMS Canada Battleship
      HMS Canopus Battleship
      HMS Colossus Dreadnought
      HMS Dreadnought Battleship
      HMS Engadine Carrier
      HMS Furious Aircraft Carrier
      HMS Hermes Cruiser
      HMS Hermes Aircraft Carrier
      HMS King Edward VII Battleship
      HMS Lion Battlecruiser
      HMS New Zealand Battleship
      HMS New Zealand Battlecruiser
      HMS Queen Elizabeth
      HMS Renown Battleship
      HMS Royal Sovereign Battleship
      HMS Tiger Battlecruiser
      HMS Warspite Dreadnought
      United States

      Aeromarine Model 39
      Aeromarine Model 40
      Curtiss H-16
      Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny)
      Curtiss NC (Nancy)
      Martin MB-1 (Glenn Martin)
      Packard-Le Pere LUSAC-11
      Vought VE-7 Bluebird

      Armor & Vehicles
      Davidson-Cadillac Car
      Ford M1918 Light Tank
      FWD Model B Truck
      Holt Gas-Electric Tank
      King Armored Car
      Model 1917 6-ton Light Tank
      Tank Mark VIII (Liberty)
      White Armored Car

      Small Arms
      Browning Auto-5 Shotgun
      Browning M1917 Machine Gun
      Browning M1918 BAR Rifle
      Colt-Browning M1895
      Colt M1898 Revolver
      Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless
      Colt M1911 Pistol
      Colt M1917 Revolver
      Davis Gun Recoilless Rifle
      Lewis Gun Machine Gun
      Model 1917 American Enfield
      Marlin M1894 Carbine
      Mk 1 Grenade
      Mk 2 Grenade (Pineapple)
      Remington M10 Shotgun
      Remington M11 Shotgun
      Smith & Wesson Triple Lock
      Smith & Wesson M1917
      Smith & Wesseon Model 3
      Smith & Wesseon Model 10
      Springfield M1903
      Stevens M520 Shotgun
      Winchester M1897 Shotgun
      Winchester M1907 Rifle
      Winchester M1912 Shotgun

      Model 1918 GPF Field Gun
      Navy Gun Car 14"

      Warships & Submarines
      B-class Submarine
      USS Adder (SS3)
      USS Alabama (BB-8)
      USS Arizona (BB-39)
      USS Arkansas (BB-33)
      USS Bainbridge (DD-1)
      USS Bali (ID-2483)
      USS Florida (BB-30)
      USS Iowa (BB-4)
      USS L-5 (SS-44)
      USS Lapwing (AM-1)
      USS Nevada (BB-36)
      USS New Mexico (BB-40)
      USS New York (ACR-2)
      USS New York (BB-34)
      USS Oklahoma (BB-37)
      USS Pennsylvania (ACR-4)
      USS Pennsylvania (BB-38)
      USS South Carolina (BB-26)
      USS Texas (BB-35)
      USS Ytah (BB-31)
      USS Wyoming (BM-10)
      USS Yorktown (PG-1)

      Bleriot XI Monoplane
      Breguet Br.5
      Breguet Br.14
      Caudron G.3
      Caudron G.4
      Caudron G.6
      Caudron R.11
      Dorand AR
      Farman MF.11 Shorthorn
      Hanriot HD.1
      Morane-Saulnier Type N
      Nieuport 11 (Bebe)
      Nieuport 12
      Nieuport 16
      Nieuport 17
      Nieuport 27
      Nieuport 28
      Ponnier L.1
      Ponnier M.1
      Salmson 2
      SPAD S.A
      SPAD S.VII
      SPAD S.XI
      SPAD S.XII
      SPAD S.XIV Floatplane
      SPAD S.XX
      Voisin Type 5

      Armor & Vehicles
      Autoblinde Peugeot Car
      Schneider Tank
      St Chamond SPA
      CGV Model 1902 Car
      Renault FT-17

      Small Arms
      Berthier Rifle
      Chauchat Light Machine Gun
      Darne Model 1918 MG
      Fusante No.1 Grenade
      Model 1917 RSC Rifle
      Percutante Nr.1 Grenade (Pear)
      Hotchkiss Model 1909 LMG
      Hotchkiss Model 1914 LMG
      Lebel Model 1886 Rifle
      MAS Model 1892 Revolver

      Model 1897 Field Gun
      Model 1913 Schneider Field Gun
      Model 1916 TRP
      Model 1917 GPF Field Gun
      Model 1917 Schneider Howitzer

      Warships & Submarines
      Bouvet Predreadnought
      Bretagne Battleship

      Aviatik B.I
      Aviatik C.I
      Aviatik D.I (Berg D.I)
      Hansa-Brandenburg B.I
      Hansa-Bradenburg C.I
      Hansa-Brandenburg D.I
      Knoller Model 70
      Lloyd C.II
      Lohner B.VII
      Lohner C.I
      Phonix C.I
      Phonix D (series)
      Ufag C.I

      Armor & Vehicles
      Austro-Daimler Panzerwagen
      Panzer Auto 1 (Junovicz)
      Panzerzug II Armored Train
      Romfell M1915 Car

      Small Arms
      Mannlicher Model 1886 Rifle
      Mannlicher Model 1888 Rifle
      Mannlicher Model 1895 Rifle
      Mannlicher Model 1900 Rifle
      Schwarlose Machine Gun
      Skoda Machine Gun
      Steyr Model 1907 Pistol
      Steyr Model 1912 Pistol

      9cm Feldkanone M75/96
      Schlanke Emma Siege Mortar

      Warships & Submarines
      U-20 Submarine
      U-21 Submarine
      SMS Arpad Predreadnought
      Kingdom of Italy

      Ansaldo A.1 Balilla
      Ansaldo SVA
      Hanriot HD.1
      Caproni Ca.1
      Caproni Ca.3
      Caproni Ca.4
      Macchi M.5
      Macchi M.7

      Armor & Vehicles
      FIAT 2000 Tank
      Lancia Ansaldo IZ Car

      Small Arms
      Beretta M1915 Pistol
      Beretta M1918 SMG
      Carcano M1891 Rifle
      FIAT-Revelli M1914 MG
      FIAT-Revelli M1915 (V-Perosa)
      Model 1870 (Vetterli) Rifle
      Model 1889 Bodeo Revolver
      Model 1910 Glisenti Pistol
      SIA Model 1918 LMG

      Model 1906 Field Gun
      Model 1913 Mountain Gun

      Warships & Submarines
      Ammiraglio di Saint Bon
      Andrea Dorio Battleship
      Benedetto Brin Battleship
      Caio Duilio Battleship
      Conte di Cavour Battleship
      Giulio Cesare Dreadnought
      Russian Empire

      Anatra D (series)
      Lebed Type XII
      Sikorsky Ilya Mourometz
      Sikorsky S-16

      Vehicles & Armor
      Austin-Putilov Armored Car
      Mgebrov-Renault Armored Car
      Putilov-Garford Armored Car
      Technical Improvised Vehicle
      Tsar Tank (Lebedenko)

      Small Arms
      Mosin-Nagant M1891 Rifle
      Nagant M1895 Revolver
      PMO Model 1910 HMG

      Model 1877 Field Gun
      Model 1900 Field Gun
      Model 1902 Field Gun

      Slava Predreadnought
      Tsesarevich Predreadnought
      Empire of Japan

      Small Arms
      Arisaka Type 38 Rifle
      Arisaka Type 44 Cavalry
      Type 14 Nambu Pistol

      Type 38 Field Gun

      Warships & Submarines
      Asahi Predreadnought
      Fuso Dreadnought
      Haruna Battlecruiser
      Hiei Battlecruiser
      Kirishma Battlecruiser
      Kongo Battlecruiser
      Mikasa Predreadnought
      Tsukuba Cruiser
      Ottoman Empire

      Albatros D.II
      Halberstadt D.II / D.III
      Halberstadt D.V
      LVG B (series)
      Halberstadt D.V

      Small Arms
      Model 1890 Turkish Mauser

      Small Arms
      Yavuz Battlecruiser

      Hanriot HD.1

      Armor & Vehicles
      Minerva Armored Car

      Small Arms
      Browning M1900 Pistol
      Browning M1903 Pistol
      Browning M1910 Pistol
      Model 1889 Belgian Mauser Rifle

      Warships & Submarines
      HMAS Australia Battlecruiser